Signer Perspective

Sign Document

Whether you received a signature request via email, chose to sign a documet in-person, or created a document yourself - signing a document using eversign is simple.

When navigating to the Sign Document page, at the top left of the page you will see a checkbox named "Hide Fields". This checkbox can be checked in order to temporarily hide all fields placed onto the document in order to ensure optimum readability of the document.

In order to start the signing process, simply click the colored "Start" button located at the top right of the page. As you go through completing the fields, this button will say "Next Step" or "Skip" (for optional fields only). Once all required fields are completed and all optional fields are either skipped or completed, the button will say "Finish". Click on "Finish" and confirm the signing of this document in order to complete your signing process.

Decline to Sign

Should you for any reason decide to decline to sign a document, this can be done by opening the Sign Document page and choosing "Decline" from the top right Actions menu. A confirmation popup will appear and may ask you to provide a decline reason.