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Out With the Old, in With the New!

What is indigo blue, has the shape of a signature feather and a Sans Serif font?


Our new brand: Xodo Sign

The signature feather is the iconic design element for Xodo Sign that can be recognized easily across all tool sets within the product family of Apryse. Naturally, the feather icon gracefully captures the nostalgic sentiment of wet ink signatures.

Xodo Sign Logo
o dox

If you read Xodo backwards it beautifully captures our mission that we dedicate ourselves to: o dox – which means zero documents (we might have abbreviated this word a bit). We all love the amazing feeling of a task well done, documents neatly sorted and signed.

Take Control of Your Documents with Xodo

Our goal is to reduce your workload to zero, ok let’s say close to zero.

You already know how Xodo Sign empowers you to get rid of any paper & document mess with fully digital eSignature workflows.

Now you can do even more with Xodo - our new PDF solution that offers fast and secure tools to help you further streamline your document processing:

  • Convert from PDF to Office formats, HTML, PDF/a, and images
  • Create PDF from Word, Excel, JPG, PNG, and more formats
  • Organize your PDFs with split, merge, and delete pages tools
  • Edit PDF, insert annotations and markups, redact sensitive data
  • Crop, compress, and flatten your PDF files
  • Open your PDF and Office files in intuitive online readers
  • And much more


Does anything change in my eversign account?

In short: No.

At the moment, eversign.com and xodo.com still operate independently from each other. Nothing changes within your eversign / Xodo Sign account as of now, no changes to invoicing, subscriptions or payments. What has changed is that a beautiful indigo blue is accompanying you in our product & services.

Indigo blue #0206A8

Blue, the color of the infinite skies and deepest oceans. This primary color often symbolizes inspiration, creativity and freedom. Recent research even suggests it has a calming effect on your body. Whether you sense that effect already or not, getting rid of any paper mess will - for sure - positively impact your mind. We are thrilled to offer you more integrated features soon.