Set up template documents for the contracts or forms you use most frequently and pre-fill them with custom text, dropdown menus, checkboxes and other elements — perfect for registration forms.

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Streamline your work

Templates are a great way of saving man-hours when frequently sending the same or similar documents, or when sending the different documents to the very same group of recipients.

Templates are created using the document editor and come with the same options as standard documents do: Recipient names, email addresses, signing orders and roles.

Same document, different signers

Upload template documents and use them out of the box whenever you need them or as a starting point for similar agreements or contracts.

Great for counter registrations

Templates are a great way of simplifying signatures whenever there is an over-the-counter registration of customers, such as at gyms, hotels or ski resorts.

Combined with In-Person Signing you will happily cut document turnaround time, avoid paperwork and preserve the environment.

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