Document Editor

Upload an existing PDF document and prepare it for signature using eversign's fully-fledged and straightforward document editor.

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Enrich Your Documents

Have your signer fill in basic data such as their name, company name, email address, or provide a custom input field with a placeholder of your own. Place signature and initials fields, mark fields as required or read-only, and insert entire text paragraphs into your document.

Built With Usability in Mind

The eversign document editor has been built to integrate smoothly with your daily workflow and increase your efficiency setting up agreements and contracts.

Fields are placed using drag-and-drop, resized using alignment points in each corner, styled using a floating options bar at the top, and copied, pasted and reassigned using key combinations or a straightforward right-click menu.

Advanced Fields

Use advanced fields to create checkboxes, radio buttons and dropdown menus, or have your signers upload required or optional attachments.

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