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Getting Started

Xodo Sign eSignature API

The Xodo Sign API has been built around the idea of efficiency and ease of use. Methods include the vast majority of actions directly related to Xodo Sign's core functionalities, such as creating and viewing documents and templates, accessing your document and template lists, downloading documents, creating documents from templates, canceling and deleting documents and templates, and more.

The following documentation intends to outline in detail the Xodo Sign API's specification, access and use of features and parameters currently available.

JSON REST API The Xodo Sign API is a lightweight RESTful JSON API and can be accessed using any server side programming language.

API Access Key

Each Xodo Sign account comes with a unique API access key, used to authenticate with the Xodo Sign API using HTTP GET. You can find your API access key by navigating to the top left dropdown menu and selecting "Developer".


In order to authenticate with the API, simply append the access_key GET parameter to the API's base URL: ? access_key = YOUR_ACCESS_KEY

Business Selection

Each API request made to the Xodo Sign API should carry the API's business_id GET parameter within the API request URL. By logging in to one of your businesses and using the top left dropdown menu to navigate to the "Developer" page you can access your Business ID.

There is also a way of requesting the API to list all existing businesses for your account. To learn more about this feature, jump to section List Businesses ยป

Business Selection

In order to select a business for your API request, simply append the API's business_id parameter and set it to your Business ID. ? access_key = YOUR_ACCESS_KEY & business_id = 1


We understand that any transactions between your application(s) and the Xodo Sign API are confidential and contain sensitive data, which is why we have made sure to encrypt all datastreams using 256-bit HTTPS encryption.
Please use the API with HTTPS only. As of August 2023 this will become mandatory and all HTTP traffic will be redirected to HTTPS.


To access the API securely, simply append an s to the HTTP protocol.

Supported Languages

All signer- or CC-facing pages and communication can be displayed in different languages. This includes notification emails sent to signers or CCs about the signing of a specific document, document status pages and the actual signing process.

While creating a document or using a template via the API, the language parameter can be used to pass a 2-letter language code for individual signers or CCs. The language specified this way overrides the default language specified in your business settings.

There are 13 languages to choose from:

Code Language
en English
da Danish
nl Dutch
fr French
de German
hi Hindi
it Italian
pl Polish
pt Portuguese
ru Russian
es Spanish
se Swedish
tr Turkish

Sandbox Mode

In order to use the Xodo Sign API for non-production testing, you can enable Sandbox Mode. Any documents created in Sandbox Mode come with a testing prefix appended to their title and will not be legally binding.

As you make your way through this API documentation you will notice that most types of API requests are made using the document endpoint. Sandbox Mode is enabled by appending the API's sandbox parameter to your HTTP POST request and setting it to 1.

Enabling Sandbox Mode

In order to enable Sandbox Mode for your API request, simply append the sandbox parameter to your HTTP POST request and set it to 1.

{ [...] "sandbox": 1, [...] }