Electronic Signatures

Whether you're looking to draw your signature, type it, upload an existing one, or have our system generate a beautiful looking signature for you — after your first digital signature you will never want to go back.

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Many ways to sign

  • Self Signing

    It only takes a minute to upload an agreement or contract and legally sign it yourself. No paper required.

  • In-Person Signing

    A great number of agreements have to be created and signed on the spot. In-Person Signing enables your customers or partners to sign any document directly on a device of your choice.

  • Remote Signing

    Do you need a purchase order approved, or a contract signed by someone across town? Remote Signing is the most popular way to get documents signed digitially and reliably.

Parallel & Sequential Signing

In the process of setting up the signing of a document you will be able to add multiple saved and new contacts as signers or recipients (CCs).

You can choose these signers to act in a predefined sequence (Sequential Signing) or at the same time (Parallel Signing). With sequential signing, the document will only be forwarded to the next party if the previous party has fully completed the document.

Type, Draw or Upload Your Signature

There are three ways a signature and initials can be created using eversign. You can type your name and choose from a set of fonts, draw your signature using your mouse or finger, or upload a PNG image of your existing signature.

With each option you guarantee that the created signature is a legal representation of your signature and ensure its authenticity.

Legally Binding

Our signing process meets all the stringent security requirements defined around the world, which makes eversign signatures legally binding and enforceable.

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