Contact Management

Fill out and keep contact profiles for frequent signers in order to add them to a signing process using just a few clicks — ideal for approvals or contracts which have to be renewed on a regular basis.

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Manage unlimited contacts

Each business set up in your eversign account can hold an unlimited number of contacts. Contacts can be customers, vendors, co-workers, employees, really anybody doing business with you or your company.

In the process of setting up a new document, saved contacts can be added simply by using a straightforward autocomplete menu.

Parallel & Sequential Signing

In the process of setting up the signing of a document you will be able to add multiple saved and new contacts as signers or recipients (CCs).

You can choose these signers to act in a predefined sequence (Sequential Signing) or at the same time (Parallel Signing). With sequential signing, the document will only be forwarded to the next party if the previous party has fully completed the document.

Have your contacts sign on the spot

Your business partners, employees and customers can not only be sent documents for remote signing, they can also sign in-person on your device in order to complete agreements immediately.

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